O/O & Driver

Whether you are a seasoned professional . . . or just starting out, you know your stuff behind the wheel and when it comes to loading and unloading:  but, there are some things that you don’t like to put 110% into and that is your paperwork . . . so you find some place to hide it until it’s absolutely necessary to deal with it.

It takes a lot more than being a good driver to become successful in this business.  You have a lot of responsibilities that keep you busy and when you have free time on the road or at home, there is the paperwork to do.  You already know the importance of keeping up on your paperwork.  The sooner you get your delivery files to your carrier, the sooner you will get paid.  But that’s only one step in staying successful.  There is tracking your income and expenses, being aware of your claims, paying your bills on time, and filing your tax returns.  It is realized that when a carrier looses a good operator, it is usually because that good driver wasn’t a good businessman.

That’s where we come into the picture. RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C. offers services to owner/operators and drivers to help your business become successful and stay successful.  Our office has specialized in the trucking industry since 1980 and our owner, Debbie Connell, spent over twelve years on the road as a co-driver and bookkeeper, while leased to Bekins Van Lines.  RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C., offers computerized bookkeeping services and tax preparation for operators and drivers like you that request assistance.

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services, including:

  • income and expense organization
  • managing business and personal financial matters, including receiving mail and paying monthly bills
  • Federal and State Income tax preparation, no matter where you live!

With twelve years of on the road experience and over eighty years of bookkeeping and tax experience, RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, LLC, will help you prosper in an industry that discards drivers at the drop of a hat.  To make your life on the road easier, we can provide mailing labels and envelopes to make mailing us your paperwork easier.  In addition, we can arrange to take care of your mail and payments.  Depending on the services you request, you will receive monthly statements showing your activity on that service.

Whether you haul household goods, trade shows, freight, flatbed or refer, we can help you with your business.  Corporation businesses welcome too!!

Please contact our office for our current pricing list.

Services Offered
O/O & Driver

Income & Expense Organization:
A computerized service involving separating and posting all road receipts and posting income and expenses off of carrier settlements.  An Itemized Account Report and a Profit & Loss Statement is printed at the end of each year.  Monthly and quarterly P&L Statements upon request.

Posting I&E off company statements only (no road receipts).

Mail Management:
If you need a place to send your personal or business mail and someone to review it, your mail can be mailed to the following address:

(Your Name Here)

c/o RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C.
7546 N. La Cholla Blvd.
Tucson, AZ  85741

You decide on forwarding of mail or determine action within this office.

Money Management:
Service for paying bills and keeping up with your bank statements.  Your checking account can be used or the RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C. Trust Account, is available.  Computer checks required.

Income Tax Preparation:
Income tax services are available, no matter where you live.  RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C. offers the best tax preparation available for owner/operators, small businesses and individuals.  With individual returns starting at $250, fees are approximately $375-$425 for federal/state income tax preparation of O/O’s.  Actual charges depend on which forms and schedules are used to complete your income tax returns.
Corporation and S-Corporation returns start at $495.

Representation before the Internal Revenue Service for liens and levy’s can be handled in this office! We are experienced in the trucking industry and are available to assist you with any IRS situations.

There is a one-time $195 setup fee, non-refundable, for owner/operators and drivers. Any additional services, research, letters, telephone calls, etc., are billed at $75 per hour for an Accounts Assistant, $125 per hour an Accounts Manager, or $125 per hour for an EA or CPA. You will be billed for out of pocket expenses, such as postage, long distance charges, FedEx, etc. Business Reply mail envelopes will be charged at first class postage rates plus $2 service fee and charges to our FedEx account number will be billed with a 10% surcharge.

Labels and/or envelopes are provided for your mailing convenience.

Your records can be stored here at our office and mailed to you at the end of the year.

This office works on a retainer basis only. Funds are required in our office before any work is started. Actual services will be charged against retainer first and any billed services are due upon receipts. Past due balances will be charged 18% interest annum/1.5% per month.

RedSun Bookkeeping & Tax Services, L.L.C. prides itself on keeping your records private and confidential. No information is given out without your approval to do so.